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Designer : Shoemaker

How to Order my custom shoes. 

There are two ways to order my homemade leather shoes, comfort shoes, bespoke shoes or orthopaedic shoes, Shandals, Rope soled Slippers or Golf Shoes - by post or by coming to visit me. Information on both ways is located on my Contact page

By Post. 

Below is a PDF on How to order and measure the feet.

Click. Download it and print it out.

Download and Print PDF


If you like what you see and want to order a pair to try on for fit I will need ten things.

1. £50 deposit. (I prefer cheques.)

2. The circumference around the Metatarsal Arches.

3. The circumference around the arches.

4. The length of both feet.

5. The outline of both feet.

6. Your colour preference. (Link)

7. Your name.

8. Your address.

9. Your home and mobile telephone numbers

10. Your email address.


Post them to me  (See the Contact page.) (Link) and I will look at your measurements and ring you to discuss your needs and what size pair of Shoes or Shandals to send you, or to arrange an appointment for a Studio Consultation.

If we decide to post you a pair for a fitting, I will send you a pair of Shoes or Shandals by Special Delivery (It guarantees next day delivery and automatically insures the contents for £500.) to try on for fit and leather colour swatches

If they fit and you like them, then send me the balance.

If you decide that, my Shoes or Shandals are not for you, post them back by Special Delivery the next day (I have a limited stock of shoes for other potential clients to try on for fit and would be grateful if you would keep the momentum up.) and I will return your £50 deposit.

If you like the Shoes or Shandals I send you, but they do not quite fit or they are the wrong colour, we discuss what changes to make on the phone, while you are wearing them, maybe take a few more measurements or digital photographs to email me, decide what colour you prefer, then you return them by Special Delivery and I make you a pair to your specifications.

Waiting time at present is between 3 to 4 weeks.

If you are outside the UK, I will require the payment of the full amount for the shoes plus Postage & Packing & Admin. If you decide that the shoes are not for you at the fitting stage then I will return your money in full, less the P&P&Admin.

Note. If you live outside the EU, please be aware that some countries Customs and Excise charge an Import Duty, but not on samples.

If you have any questions I prefer you to ring me rather than email, as I find email much too slow and time consuming. although, of course I will answer your emails. Thank you.

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By appointment at my Home Studio. 

Although I do most of my business by post, I much prefer my clients to visit me in my Studio in my cottage on the West Wales Coast, especially if you have problem feet, need wide fittings, have arthritic feet or have odd size shoes.

The address and how to contact me is on my contact page.



Yes, it is a long way to come for most, but because my Shoe Making is a 'Cottage Industry' I can see you weekends and a weekend break in the fresh air and stunning views of Cardigan Bay and space of West Wales, can make a welcome rest spite to the cares of the world and there are plenty of B&Bs and hotels nearby in one mile south of Aberarth in Aberaeron and the surrounding countryside.

Try Goggle-ing bed & breakfast Aberaeron

The nearest train station is Aberystwyth and then by T5, X50 or the 554 bus to Aberarth. Google Bus time tables Aberystwyth to Aberarth.

I give priority to those that take the time to visit me; even so, I still like to see measurements before you arrive - so that I can prepare - light a fire, put the kettle on and make sure that I have Shoes or Shandals in your size in stock for a fitting.

I do not see people without an appointment.

So please ring me on 01545 570 904 for an appointment, directions and local hotels

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