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Number 1515040 Footwear in Class 25 goods with effect from 07 October 1992.


Designer : Shoemaker


"For once it is a pleasure to write a cheque."

Compared to shop bought shoes my Shoes, Shandals, Rope Soled Slippers and Golf Shoes are not cheap, but they are an investment in your future mobility.

Your health is your greatest wealth.

Compared to other Shoemakers in London I am considerably cheaper and I think I offer a better and more personal service.

And, of course my handmade footwear is designed to be repaired and can last many years if looked after. so work out great value for money.

Nowadays it is a rare luxury to have a pair of shoes made for you by the actual designer, in almost any colour you fancy, in beautiful, lush, high quality materials, especially when it is combined with a fast, unique, personal service.

When you want to talk to me, you will not have to go through a call centre in Delhi or listen to endless automated options, I am available to speak to any time of the day, most days a week.

When you buy a pair of Shandals, Shoes or Rope Soled Slippers from me you are not just buying a pair of shoes:

You are buying my service, my expertise, my intellect, my philosophy, my integrity and my unique Art Form:

You are buying the thousands of hours and countless thousands of pounds I put into developing The Perfect Shoe.

Below is a PDF of my Prices and Terms and Conditions leaflet.

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